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Allergy Friendly Hotel Rooms & Environments by CAC

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Over 70 million American suffer from various airborne allergies or asthma. The concept of hypoallergenic hotel room addresses the “ick factor” –“What about the guy before me?” The average human body sheds 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells every minute of the day. Much of the dust in a room is to a great extend comprised of dead skin cells. Dust mites eat particles of skin and dander, placing them where people stay; and are also small enough to be inhaled.

The Clean Air System removes the dust mites, dander, skin cells, dust, pollen, bacteria and mold spores found in every hotel room. It reduces the airborne and surface particles that cause allergic reactions in millions of travels.

Hotels generate higher revenues and more repeat business by providing the best possible living/environmental experience to its guest. At the very minimum allergy friendly rooms can be promoted with a 5 to 10% premium. Travelers are happy to pay an extra $20, as their well being is worth much more than that.

Clean Air Consultants and Atmos Air
AtmosAir’s Bio-polar ionization technology provides mountain fresh, purified air.

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6 CLEAN Steps to makes an allergy friendly CLEAN AIR ROOM! Call today to learn how we can improve your guest’s experience.

The versatile cleaning solutions used by CAC may also be used as a hypoallergenic laundry cleaner for hotel linens.

Maintenance is conducted every six months. This included inspection of general room conditions, changing filters in air handling units and air purifier, and a moderate application of cleaning solution to ensure ongoing protection.

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